Bebe Cool urges FUFA and UPL clubs to bring entertainers closer to the game

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Bebe Cool real names Moses Ssali has urged the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), Uganda Premier league clubs to try to bring entertainers closer to the game.

Bebe Cool revealed during a FUFA-UPL strategic meeting held at the Imperial Royale Hotel on Wednesday. He stated that musicians perform at football matches and come along with their fans who may also fall in love with the game

“Music and sport work in tandem, for example, over the weekend Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl. How many people who literally didn’t know anything about the NFL but watched because the musician was performing?.

“So as FUFA, UPL and clubs you must make a strategic move to tap into our fans by bringing entertainers closer to the game.”

“When a musician performs at a football match, he comes with fans who may at the end fall in love with the sport.” Said Bebe Cool

In 2014, Bebe Cool, FUFA named Bebe Cool as Cranes Ambassador. The choice by then, was reached on by Uganda Cranes players who conducted a poll amongst the team.

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