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Philly Lutaaya has no song bigger than any of my songs – Eddy Kenzo

Bonita Nakalule

Grammy award nominee Eddy Kenzo the Weekend hit maker recently released a brand new video for his redo of Born in Africa by the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya.

Kenzo’s version of Born in Africa received mixed reviews with a section of the public saying he did the song justice while others said he sent the master piece to limbo.

Addressing the media fresh from attending the Grammy award ceremony in the USA, Kenzo responded to all those that did not like how he sang Born in Africa and also explained why he re did the song in the first place.

“I made a cover for this song not because I wanted it to propel me to greater heights because I am already at the top.”

“I have songs with 100+ million views on YouTube and yet Philly’s song has about 1 million views after many years, meaning Philly does not have a song that is bigger than any of my songs I say it here, numbers don’t lie, but I say this with respect”

“The reason I redid the song was to make it known to those that didn’t know it. You saw me performing the song in Puerto Rico, if I had not who would have sang it there and who would have known about it?”

I am just trying to promote my country by all means. The song is good and I couldn’t let the song just be forgotten so I redid it and put it on a bigger stage.

“Lastly i am not stupid I couldn’t redo a song and then sing it exactly like the original, I had to do it my way, the Eddy Kenzo way. Those that don’t want my version can go listen to the original by Philly it’s still there, just don’t listen to my version.”

“I should be getting credit for re doing this song because I am promoting the late Philly’s legacy and his family, I am going to sing the song all over the world which the late can not do right now.” Concluded Kenzo.

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