Video: MP Betty Nambooze received two Fusos of money from government. Hon.Abedi Bwanika

Man Jose Kayima

Kimaanya Kabonera Member of Parliament Dr. Abedi Bwanika has accused Mukono municipality legislator Bakireke Betty Nambooze of being the number one beneficiary of government.

While on CBS Radio on Saturday morning, Bwanika stated that Nambooze received over Shs1.2Bn from government to cater for her medical bills while in the USA.

“Nambooze received a total of Shs1.2Bn from government when she was in the USA for treatment. The government used to give her allowances along with the husband for every single day they spent in America.”

“They always come out and attack me that nalya yet Nambooze was given two fuso’s of money.” Said Bwanika.


Bwanika has also told Nambooze to go to court in case she thinks that he gave false information about her

The legislator also believes that the National Unity Platform leaders should continue to negotiate with government of Uganda to release all the political prisoners, just like they negotiated for the release of MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya.

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