Young man arrested for killing uncle over Shs2000

Man Jose Kayima

A young man identified as Komakech Eli is accused of kicking his uncle to death over Shs2000.

Komakech is a resident of Abiro-poo village in Abur, parish, Ayer sub County, Kole district.

The deceased is Otim Oleke also a resident of Abiro-poo village was kicked by Komakech on Monday.

The two had a quarrel over the money that Komakech demanded the uncle.

Otim failed to raise the money and had pleaded to pay it later. This was not good news in Komakech’s ears as he kicked Otim hard in the chest and died on spot.

Kole District Police commander Moses Kakiryo has confirmed the arrest of Komakech.

Kakiryo also added that investigations are ongoing while Bosco Okori, chairman LC 3 Ayer Sub County has condemned the act and called upon youths to always embrace hardworking and get closer to churches.

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