Green Futures Initiative , Fridays For Future plant 200 trees

Eric Kibalama

Fridays For Future and Green Futures Initiative an environmental conservation organisation that reconnects youth with nature on Friday 25th February 2023 went ahead and planted 200 trees at St Francis High School Namagoma.

On a dump afternoon, a group of climate activities were warmly welcomed by the Geography club of the school.

The group of climate educators were lead by Jonah Kirabo founder of Green Futures Initiative and Nakabuye Hilda founder of Friday’s For Future.They were welcomed by Charles Lwanga under the pseudonym “Uncle Miti” who is part of the staff at St Francis High School Namagoma.

Nils Nerhus Rørstad a development student from University Of Olso, Norway planting his first tree in Uganda

It’s the first school to receive trees this year from the dyad organisations of climate educators.

While speaking to the school gathering ,Kirabo Jonah urged all students to be solutions and agents of climate change.

“We younger people can be a solution to and I believe by the end of today you won’t be part of those people who will build in wetlands and cut down trees .I want all of us to be solutions and agents of climate change in the society”.said Kirabo.

The geography club was give a book with climatic and environment conservation information as a token of appreciation.

Students like Nalwanga Angel and Nadawula Angel received tokens of shirts from climate activist Flavia Hilda Nakabuye after answering climate related questions right during the session.

The Director of the school Mr Lubya Joseph ,Head Master Nyanzi Benedict were full of praise and promised to work with the team on more future projects related to Climate and environmental conservation.

The team of climate activists
Tree planting at St Francis High School on Friday 24, February, 2023

1. Ibrah Kayondo

2. Sophie Namonye

3. Racheal Bakunzi

4. Arthur Musinguzi

5. Jonah Kirabo

6. Isaac Olal

7.Ameso Naume

8.katusiime patience

9.Etot Derrick

10.Okae Ambrose

11. Asmin Kiza

12. Eric Kibalama

13. Ntabazi Raymond

14. Hilda Flavia Nakabuye

15. Patience Nabukalu

16. Kyarikunda Bridget

17.Adilo Daniel Evans

18 Nils Nerhus Rørstad

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