How Ugandan commentator asked for sex after a match

Man Jose Kayima

Tamale Mirundi has revealed that one day a football commentator requested for sex from a female presenter live on air after the match.

Tamale Mirundi with Baba TV’s Lukia Mpoza

According to the former Presidential advisor the two forgot to remove their microphones after commentary.

“Years back on Radio Uganda football commentators had just finished their commentary and the man requested for sex from the lady he was working with. The two forgot to remove the microphones immediately after they had finished to work.”

“Edda ku Radio Uganda, baali bava kuweereza mupiira, nebeerabira okujjako omuzindaalo, omusajja n’agamba omukazi nti kati tugende ompeeko!”

Tamale Mirundi made the revelation during a program on Baba TV on Thursday morning with Lukia Mpoza.

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