S6 student answers Uneb questions with list of musicians

Man Jose Kayima

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive Director Daniel Odongo revealed that some of the candidates who sat for the 2022 UACE exams gave answers with a list of musicians.

Odongo was disappointed with how some of the students answered questions in subjects that they chose.

One of the candidates wrote a list of musicians that included Gravity Omutujju, Celine Dion among others.

“One candidate wrote on page 2: Dear Mr examiner, you are still wasting time on me when there are more serious candidates? I’m the stone that the builder refused. Another candidate decided to copy and rewrite questions. We’re wondering why a candidate cannot even score a mark in a subject which they chose since we are still seeing zero scores in some papers,” Said Odongo

Results released on Friday showed that, 67,815 (70.3%) candidates obtained the minimum two principal [passes] level required for university admission amidst some zeros scored in many papers.

According to UNEB 89.3% of the 2022 UACE candidates will qualify for admission to other tertiary institutions (not university) as they obtained at least one principal and two subsidiary pass levels.

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