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Papa Cidy speaks out on his absence at the Gwanga Mujje concert

Bonita Nakalule

Musician Hamidu Sekyeru aka Papa Cidy holds the unofficial record for most collaborations with Dr Jose Chameleone.

Together they have done songs such as Joselina, Meeme katale, Tolina Kisa, Daniella,
Nkwaata, and Tonsuna.

With such a rich music catalog together, one would expect that Papa Cidy would not miss out at a Chameleone concert but he was nowhere to be seen at Lugogo on the 24th of February.

Now Papa Cidy has come out to explain that his musical relationship with Chameleone ended long time ago.

“Chameleone is complicated, I don’t want to go into details but what you should know is that me and Chameleone no longer work together business wise, anyone making a booking should book Chameleone not Papa Cidy.”

“You see some promoters book Chameleone and then make a poster that has him and myself, it was not a duo, we just worked together and I was just on my journey”

“He also showed it to you people he did not even sing any of the songs we did together meaning that the songs are mine not his.”

Asked if he wasn’t just bitter because he wasn’t invited for the Gwanga Mujje concert, Papa Cidy said that is not an issue because he can also organize his own concert.

“That’s not an issue because I am also preparing my own concert. I have performed in many places so not performing at Gwanga Mujje is not an issue.”

“We have also collaborated for a long time, I think enough is enough, let everyone do his own music. Also money sharing led to our separation because he usually gives you very little payment compared to what he gets for the bookings.”

“But what broke the camel’s back was him not inviting me for his Gwanga Mujje concert so I concluded that our relationship was officially done.”

This is not the first time that two musicians have fallen out and we can not entirely rule out them getting back together for yet another collaboration like they have always done.

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