There is nothing more sweeter than a woman on this earth. Gen.Muhoozi

Man Jose Kayima

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has revealed that there is nothing sweeter than a woman on earth.

Muhoozi also stated that homosexuality is a sin and there’s a reason why God intended men for women and vice versa

“There is a scourge sweeping our countries…killing our children. As the great African General, I must speak out and advise them. Homosexuality is a SIN! Almighty God only intended men for women and vice versa. There is nothing more sweeter than a woman on this earth.” Muhoozi tweeted

The Ugandan lawmakers are launching a scathing attack against sexual minorities by proposing a new law that could make it illegal to say that you are gay, lesbian, or transgender.

The proposed new law makes it an offence to touch another person “with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality” and the “promotion of homosexuality.” It also effectively declares all same-sex conduct as nonconsensual. If passed, it would furthermore criminalize sexual and gender identity that is “contrary to the binary categories of male and female” and make it a crime to participate in a same sex marriage ceremony.

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