Video: Golola Moses equates Busiro’s win over Buddu to winning the African Cup

Bonita Nakalule

Motormouth kick boxer Golola Moses who prior to the final of the Masaza cup had predicted a win for Busiro says this was a very big win for his Busiro and equated the win to the African cup of Nations.

“I told you people that this time Busiro has to win with my presence. You know Buddu has tricks like time wasting and being defensive.”

“I heard that Busiro had taken like 10 years without winning the trophy I said this can not go on and it had to be stopped that’s why I joined the campaign and lead from the front”

“Busiro is where you find the resting place for many fallen kings, in Busiro is where Golola comes from, in Busiro is where all Buganda’s ancestry originates from so it was very important for us to win this time”

“I warned Buddu, there is a way they have always cheated and won, but this time there was no way they would do it with me present.”

“What I have seen is that after we beat Buddu it’s now like we won the African cup of Nations because Buddu had became a problem, you know the likes of Abitex Musinguzi play many dirty games but this time we were very determined.”

Golola also talked about his upcoming fright against Kasumali and promised to put an end to his boxing career.

“I was going to retire but then I said I have to first deal with this Kasumali.”

The two last crossed paths three years ago in Arua in what was dubbed the fight of the century but turned out to be more of comic fight to the spectators in Arua who where not convinced by what they saw.

The controversial fight was won by Golola Moses in the eighth round via KO. Kasumali will be hoping avenge the loss in 2019.

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