Pastor Kyazze’s double standards on Homosexuality

Man Jose Kayima

A few days ago Pastor Micheal Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre came out with a statement in which he chest thumped about his 15 years of fighting against homosexuality.

With the anti homosexuality bill before parliament every tom dick and harry or we should we say every Kyazze, Male and Ssempa is looking for an ounce of publicity so to appear as a knight in shining amour in the fight against LGBTQ.

What is however confusing is the fact that Kyazze comes out now claiming he has been at the forefront for 15 years and yet in reality his fight was a short lived one 15 years when he along with Pastors Solomon Male and Martin Ssempa attempted to tarnish and frame a fellow pastor, Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle centre with accusations of sodomy.

The trio was found guilty of tarnishing the image of Kayanja and were sentenced though they managed to get away with a light sentence of community service.

Kyazze went silent on issues against LGBTQ while Ssempa and Male kept making a few noise akin to a fart in a storm.


We need to make the record straight. 15 years ago he was convicted in the courts of law 3 years ago he apologized for his action.

They even did punishment of 100 days of community service. You lied, pastor Kyazze have you forgotten your famous recordings on Supper Fm with the late Mulindwa Muwonge.

Hahaaa telling the young man not to change position we still remember. 15 years ago

As evangelical pastors vied for prominence, the fabricated accusations were apparently an attempt to injure Pastor Robert Kayanja’s reputation by associating him with homosexual acts.

In 2011, pastors Martin Ssempa, Solomon Male and Michael Kyazze; their lawyers, Henry Ddungu and David Kaggwa; their agent, David Mukalazi; and a State House employee, Deborah Anitah Kyomuhendo, were tried and convicted on charges of conspiring to injure Kayanja’s reputation.

In court testimony, an orphan choir member at Kayanja’s upmarket Church, the Miracle Centre Cathedral with a sitting capacity then of 10,000 people, said he was told that the sodomy accusations against Kayanja were supported by “big people” in government.

An earlier court hearing named State House employee Kyomuhendo as being “sent” to organise the smear with Mukalazi. Two witnesses said they were offered 50 million Ugandan shillings (US$19,000 then) to tell the police that Kayanja had sodomized them.

One accusation had been that a boy was sodomized after a music competition in 2009 at Kayanja’s church.

After his choir won the competition, Kayanja supposedly drove him in a car with tinted windows to an unidentified Kampala hotel under the guise of congratulating him.

Instead, in the fabricated account, Kayanja sodomised him, then called a medical doctor to stitch up his anus and to declare him insane and put him in Kampiringisa Health Centre for a month.


On Facebook, Kyazze stated:

“It is in that spirit and after prayerful consideration that I have decided to write an apology to the entire body of Christ for the inconvenience I, or the evil perceived of me, may have caused in the execution of my pastoral duties,” he added.

Pastor Kayanja, right, on the day he appeared in court to defend himself in 2011

“At the recent Kabaka’s Christmas function in Bulange, I had an opportunity to meet Pastor Kayanja after a considerable number of years. A surge of petty and futility overtook me, as I saw a vulnerable mortal man just like all of us. Those who know me well know that I am quite emotional and I am often driven into action by compassion.”

Kyazze said his desire is to let go of the past, and “allow God full space” this new year and beyond. He expressed forgiveness to every individual that played a part in the highly contentious case.

“As a born-again Christian for the last 34 years, I sincerely know better what to do and what not to do. I forgive every individual and party which played a part in the rift and all lies and other vices that were employed to aggravate the already septic situation. I want to “kick this off my plane!” I want to allow God full space in this issue that none may perish,” he said.

“I also realize there are people nursing a grudge against Pastor Kayanja on my behalf. I beg for a ceasefire in Jesus’ name, because I hold none myself. (Matthew 22:37, Roman 12:19),” he added.

Henceforth, Pastor Kyazze promised ‘undiluted commitment’ and ministry in increased love of God.

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