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Former MP to feature in a Movie while naked

Man Jose Kayima

Former Lubaga South Member of Parliament Hon Kato Lubwama has confirmed that is to appear in a movie while naked.

According to Kato, the movie is about cannibalism and the story can only come out when he is naked.

“I am going to feature in a movie that narrates cannibalism. You can’t put on clothes in such a movie because the story won’t come out brilliant, so I will be naked to show the right picture about cannibalism.” Said Kato

He attacked YouTubers and presenters of gossip shows for killing drama in country

“Nothing has hindered the progress of drama like YouTubers and presenters like Kayz. They always ask us stupid questions as if they earn more from journalism.” Kato told YouTubers Kawalya Kaiyz and Kakalamu.

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