Sex in Uganda is confidential. President Museveni

Man Jose Kayima

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says Western countries to stop wasting their time of humanity by imposing homosexuality to other people.

Museveni was addressing the Parliament at Kololo Ceremonial grounds on Thursday afternoon

“The western countries should stop wasting their time of humanity by trying to impose their practices [homosexuality] on other people. The Europeans marry cousins, while here it’s a taboo, should we also put sanctions on them? That’s not our problem. Sex in Uganda in confidential, how do we come to know that you’re a homosexual unless you publicise it.” Said Museveni

Museveni stated that they will get time and discuss on the issue of homosexuality thoroughly

“On the issue of homosexuals, we shall get time and discuss the matter thoroughly. The homosexuals are deviations from normal. Is it by nature or by nurture? We need to answer those questions. We need a medical opinion on that.” Said Museveni.

Museveni has also directed the State House Comptroller to give Shs 5m to each of the families of the 4 deceased students of Kasaka S.S and Shs 1m each the survivors receiving treatment at Gombe Hospital.

The President’s address was attended by Members of the ruling party after opposition legislators decided to boycott. Bukoto South MP Twaha Kagabo was also in attendance.

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