Singer Chozen Blood told to choose between life and Nwagi

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Chozen Blood has received death threats from a man who claims to be Winnie Nwagi’s boyfriend.

In a phone call, the unidentified man warned Chozen Blood to stay away from Nwagi or else he will lose his beloved life.
“Since the both of you started working together and even did a song together, there has been a situationship between you and my wife,” an unidentified man says on a recorded phone call.

“You both keep pretending about it. I know what I am talking about and hence why I have called you. Winnie is my wife and I love her so much. There is a lot I have done for her, so many investments and I was planning well for her life,” he adds.

Chozen and Nwagi are rumored to have been dating each other for several years.

The man who claims to be Nwagi’s boyfriend revealed to Chozen that he has invested alot in her.

Chozen defended himself by saying he is just a friend to Nwagi and now he is a responsible man who doesn’t want to enter into other people’s relationships.

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