NEED vice president’s home attacked, it was a political attack says Kabuleta


The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) party held their weekly press conference on Monday at their newly opened offices in Rubaga.

It wasn’t business as usual when they usually tackle pertinent national issues. This time round they informed the press how the party’s vice president’s home had been attacked and items vandalized.

Evelyn Laker was not at her home when the attack was made. Only her house help was home and she was beaten into a coma according to the party president Joseph Kabuleta who insisted that this was not a robbery but a political attack.

‘Our Vice president Evelyn Laker’s home was attacked over the weekend and it was politically motivated because it was all about destruction , they came and cut mattresses, destroyed Tvs and also beat her Maid into coma.’

‘The Vice president herself had not spent the night there because she was at a function somewhere at a relative’s.’

‘A neighbor called her in the morning and said what’s happening I can see that your home is open, so she rushed there and found her maid in coma and everything destroyed’

‘She reported to police and the maid is still in hospital right now in a bit of a critical condition so that is what has been happening’

‘It wasn’t a robbery it was politically motivated because we have been doing some serious activity in Acholi region and she has been at the forefront of all that activity that we have been doing in that region.’

‘The attack on our people has started. You know someone told me that when you get to a certain point, they will attack the people around you and I kind of expected that but you know she is a lady so I was a bit scared for her but anyway we are praying for her and she couldn’t be here with us to tell us the story herself.’

Kabuleta also said that this attack showed that the NEED brand of intelligent politics was catching on and can’t be stopped.

‘During campaigns I was told that I am talking an elite crowd, the masses will not understand me, but I said there is nobody who doesn’t understand the language of money’

‘Previous politics was about activism, jumping around and creating chaos and it worked for the time it did but I decided I do not want us to go down that road and now our brand of intelligent politics is beginning to take root now they are beginning to attack us’

‘I knew that the only language that Museveni really understands is violence the man has been violent from the time we know he doesn’t know anything about ideology’ said Kabuleta.

Kabuleta concluded by saying his NEED political party will stick to ideological politics and they won’t move away from it although it’s causing problems for some people.

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