Nobody owns the army, let no one fool you – Joseph Kabuleta

Bonita Nakalule

One of the commonest fallacy in the political circles of this banana republic is that one can not take over the top office in the land if they don’t ‘own’ an army.

Many have a belief that the current national army actually belongs to the president and that because of this, it’s impossible for an ‘outsider’ to take over the big office.

Speaking at his party’s weekly presser earlier this week, Kabuleta said that he knows a number opposition members that have since crossed over to the ruling party saying that they don’t see an alternative and that they have no army.

‘The one thing they tell me is that, we don’t see that there is an alternative, and they also tell me that I do not have an army but I also tell them that nobody has an army.’

‘The army is not made up of robots that somebody has a switch and can switch them here and there. The army is made of intelligent people like you and me, who have opinion like you and me and want to see something good in this country.’

‘These are people who will support anybody who has the support of the people, you can’t own a person. Anybody who thinks that they have an army are deluding themselves’

‘That army can go anywhere and they can negotiate themselves where there is support of the people, so do not be fooled that anybody has the army they do not, even if you are the one who recruited them and trained them and we’ve seen this in other countries, they are not robots.’

‘You do not have a switch that can turn them on and off, they will decide what they want. They are not going to and to start shooting people to protect family rule. There might be a few going down that route perhaps who have been promised places at the table but it will not happen.’

They are there quite looking at the politics and where the politics goes, and where the politics goes is where they will go so I am here to tell you that nobody has the army.

Kabuleta’s recent remarks will surely leave a sour taste in some people’s mouths as we have seen people in the past refer to the army as their own, ‘our army,’ , ‘my army,’ , ‘we have the majje’ we wait to see if any of the presumed owners of the army will respond to the NEED party president.

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