How Pastor Ssenyonga uses young men and abandons them

Man Jose Kayima

Last year in September, Court in Kiryandongo convicted Sentongo Reagan and Lababi Khalifa to six years in prison for assault.

The two former workers at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandongo who turned into his tormentors were found guilty of robbery and assault.

It is said that they attacked Mr. Turyatemba Patrick at his home in Kigumba at 1:00am and asked for coffee malt but when he refused to serve them they decided to fight him and sprayed him with paper.

Well, it should be remembered that the said two with the full backing of a city Pastor opened sodomy cases against Pastor Kayanja in an attempt to cover up the crimes they had committed back in 2020.

The two along with others would hold a series of press conferences at various locations that were facilitated by henchmen of Ssenyonga.

In these pressers, they would try and convince all and sundry that Kayanja had sodomized them.

With no evidence solid evidence to pin Pastor Kayanja their allegations fell flat and the long arm of the law came after them. to answer for the charges back in Kiryandongo.

As the case unfolded Ssenyonga who had promised a lawyer to defend them realized they were on the losing end and abandoned them to their fate

When giving out her ruling the chief magistrate worshiped Kabahuma Lucy accepted the submission of the defense lawyer and the resident state Attorney and gave them a punishment equivalent to six years with the one year they have spent on remand.

With five more years behind the walls, the magistrate told them that if they want to appeal, they are free to go to the high court.

Fast forward to this month, the likes of David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu, Mapengo Bayichi, and Dan Wiz have come out with the same allegations.

What is evident is that they are being used in the smear case but they should know and stand warned that they are being used for selfish interests and once everything backfires they will be discharged like used pads.

The youth that stormed the Miracle centre in 2021 were promised millions but pocketed as little as 300k.

David Mukulu and his accomplices should know they are merely pawns and Ssenyonga will dump them when things get hot.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

If they are in doubt let them try and find out how the jailed Isreal Waswa who was head of security of Ssenyonga was used and dumped after doing the dirty work that finally landed him in jail.

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