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‘Reformed’ Winnie Nwagi reveals why she hasn’t been in the news for the wrong reasons

Bonita Nakalule

She goes by the name Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi aka Fire Baby. The bootylicious Swangz avenue musician has been known in the past not only for her good music but also for her controversies.

Nwagi is what you would call the ‘bad girl’ of the Ugandan music industry, you take an inappropriate picture of her while on stage, she kicks the hell out of you, oh yes she has done it a couple of times.

You try to touch her booty without her consent, she will rough you up. You come nio nioring at her asking for a selfie when she is in ‘her space’ and she will tell you to f**k off.

For months now, we haven’t had any saga or controversy coming in from the Matala singer Winnie Nwagi and she attributes this to lack of provocation from the public.

‘I no longer fight with fans because they finally understand what I wanted from them, they don’t provoke me anymore but if anyone out there does that again I will handle them like before’

‘Like you discipline a child and tell them not to do wrong again, the fans must have learnt it that it is wrong to provoke me.’

Nwagi also refuted the rumors of her friend and Swangz avenue colleague Azawi being pregnant.

‘No it’s not true, those are just your fake stories like you know them. She is not pregnant, this is someone I go with to the gym and she even shows me her tummy’

‘I am not saying she can’t get pregnant but she is not like the stories are being reported’ said Nwagi on an interview run on Spark Tv.

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