Photos: Pastor Kayanja’s accusers exposed

Man Jose Kayima

The love for quick money will throw many into a deep pit that they will fail to come out of.

Two young men namely; David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu and Bayichi Mapengo recently came out through a TikTok video and alleged that pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre had sodomized them along with a host of other young men.

However, a number of their long-time friends have come out to reveal it was a plot carried out with the hope of getting a hefty sum of money as promised by Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian life Church Bwaise.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga behind Kayanja’s blackmail

The plot was hatched by the Pastor and with the help of one of his Junior Pastor he got the main protagonist David Mukulu who sold the idea to his friends.

However, as will be revealed the friends backed out as they saw it was of no financial gain for them to take the monies promised just to tarnish the image of a man of God.

This followed the unsupported allegations from the duo despite sharing several years with the said group of youth.

“When we reached the Church in Bwaise and the demands were falsely accusing Pastor Kayanja, I opted out,” one of the youth noted.

In the first video, the six young men poke holes into the money-hungry Mukulu and the drug addict Mapengo with the latter having committed a number of atrocities in the Rubaga division that he is practically a persona non grata in the division.

The six friends who have come to speak about Mapengo and Mukulu are Norlan Kyazze, Godfrey Gatete, Josh Wafula, and Godfrey Ngusi aka Ricky Montana. The other two are David Kawooya aka David Muto and John Bantalemu.

The videos attached, give a small taste of the true characters of Mukulu and Mapengo.

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