Muhoozi reveals how they had a plan to arrest Rebel MP

Man Jose Kayima

Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba has revealed that in 2012 they had a plan to arrest Minister Chris Baryomunsi.

According to Muhoozi, they made a plan with his father to arrest Baryomunsi who was by then a rebel MP.

Baryomunsi had earlier stated on NBS that Muhoozi is not a member of the ruling NRM

“I remember planning with my father to arrest this gentleman back in 2012. When he was a ‘Rebel’ MP.” Muhoozi tweeted

Baryomunsi had earlier said,

General Muhoozi is not a member of NRM. He is serving military officer. This is the position of government. What he is doing to politick is not correct and he should abandon it.” Baryomunsi told NBS


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