Revealed: Pastor Kayanja accuser Bayichi Mapengo is a thug, thief and drug addict

Man Jose Kayima

A frustrated unemployed young man who will do anything to earn a few extra coins is what his contemporaries say of him.

Bayichi Mapengo and his partner in crime David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu recently came out on social media with grave allegations that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle centre had sodomised them.

Pastor Kayanja accusers exposed once again

However, as we dig deeper into the characters of these two young men we found out that the need for quick money and a lavish lifestyle is what pushed them to try and blackmail pastor Robert Kayanja.

In previous exposes we showed how they each demanded 50M from Pastor Kayanja to drop the smear campaign a thing that fell flat on its face.

Now, a number of their close accomplices have come out to reveal and admit that it was Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian life church Bwayise through David Mukulu and Bayichi Mapengo who hatched the whole plan.

According to Norlan Kyazze, Bayichi is a wanted person in the Rubaga Division having committed a number of atrocities in the area.

“I have known Bayichi for quite a long time from the days we first joined Rubaga Miracle centre where we were welcomed with open arms.”

Kyazze adds that though part of the church Bayichi didn’t change his old ways and soon stole phones from fellow church members and this made him an outcast.

“Bayichi was unemployed but had to sustain his drug addiction as it was getting worse. He would go around homes in the neighbourhood stealing clothes to sell and earn some money.”

Kyazze further recalls the day Mapengo lured students from a secondary school in Lubiri into joining them for a house party.

“As dusk set in and the students were high and tired Mapengo locked the house and told us it was time to work. We could see he was high and though we tried to restrain him he refused. He beat up the students and took their property including things like watches, shoes, and phones,” Kyazze recalls.


He dares Bayichi Mapengo to deny all he has said adding that he is willing to swear by the bible but only in church or in the courts of law.

He also recalls that Bayichi would walayi people and have them in chokeholds commonly embadiya before robbing them of their property.

Kyazze reveals that it was a surprise to him when the unemployed Bayichi came to him with a bundle of dollars boasting that he was now rich after a good pastor in Bwaise had paid him.

“You guys are cowards and fools for refusing such easy money. I am now rich and I won’t fear to say that Pastor Kayanja sodomised me after all I have been paid and expect to get more,” Kyazze recalls Mapengo boasting to him.

He adds that Mapengo later went out and came back with a huge bundle of Marijuana to celebrate his newfound wealth.

Godfrey Ngusi alias Ricky Montana chips in by saying that Bayichi Mapengo would steal anything so long as he thought that he would sell it for a small fee.

“I will never forget the day he stole a dog of a policeman and sold it just to buy marijuana.”

Ngusi adds that Mapengo Bayichi almost beat him up when he invited him to his home and that later while smoking his marijuana almost burnt his chairs.

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