Pastor Ssenyonga ordered me to cut my hair, say I was 17 years and had been Sodomized by Kayanja

Man Jose Kayima

Just like the award winning series we love to watch on Netflix and the like, those that have plots that have new twists every other time that leave the audience glued to their sits, the plot to tarnish the name of pastor Robert Kayanja keeps getting deeper.

Recently two youth came out on tiktok to allege that the Man of God had sodomized them.

Bayichi Mapengo and David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu used the social media outlet to air out the damning allegations.

However it was later revealed through a number of their colleagues that the whole plot was planned, plotted and executed at the church of Pastor Jackson

Ssenyonga in Bwaise.
Now new information reaching us shows that these plans and plots stretch years back.

If one recalls that in 2022 the court in Kiryadongo sentenced Reagan Ssentongo and Habiba Khalifa each to six years in prison for aggravated assault and robbery on one Patrick Turyatemba of kigumba.

One would ask the connection between the imprisonment of the two and the sodomy allegations.

Earlier in September 2021 a group of Youth had stormed Rubaga Miracle centre demanding salary arrears and alleging that they had been sodomized.

The youth worked at Golden medal farm of pastor Kayanja in Kiryadongo but however they had committed crimes in Kiryadongo and thought that by running to Kampala they would survive.

In a new twist one of their colleagues on that fateful day when they they stormed out Miracle centre has come out to reveal that the whole plot was hatched in Bwaise.

Godfrey Gatete a colleague of Ssentongo and Khalifa comes out to reveal the numerous promises thatv Ssenyonga made to them so as to ensure that they went on air to make the sodomy allegations.

“I know pastor Ssenyonga knows me well because he met Ssentongo, Khalifa , another youth called Small pin and I and facilitated us for medical check ups to try and make the sodomy allegations authentic.

“The bait was a bounty of 3m shillings but there was a promise of more if I would bring more youth who were willing to go before cameras,” Gatete states.

He further says that he used to work closely with Israel Waswa the former head of security of Ssenyonga who was also imprisoned for assault and Robbery.

“I chickened out when I realized we were supposed to go before cameras but Khalifa and Senyonga seemed to have gone along with the plan as i would see them addressing press conferences but I was later surprised to here that they had been imprisoned.”

Gatete recalls how Ssenyonga through Waswa ordered him to cut his hair short and claim he was 17 years old so that it would appear as if Kayanja had sodomized a minor.

“I was promised a free house and a monthly upkeep if I went with the plan but something kept holding me back and I finally chickened out.”

In another development, for those those that followed that case an audio was released in which it appeared as if Ssentongo was talking to Pastor Kayanja and planning on ways to get some of the youths arrested.

However John Bantalemu has come out to say that he is actually the one speaking pretending to be Pastor Kayanja

“I do voice impressions Pastor Kayanja so well that I was approached through Ssentongo to make the calls to make it seem as if Ssentongo was talking to Kayanja.”

When he sees the doubt on our faces he sits upright, clears his throat and starts his voice impression of Pastor Kayanja. We are left in awe.

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