My account was hacked and used to air sodomy allegations against Pastor Kayanja- Dan Wiz

Man Jose Kayima

It all seemed rosy from the start. A well-planned campaign against Pastor Robert Kayanja with sodomy allegations at the forefront.

With a botched up confession on a TikTok account in the name of Dan Wiz, the main players were David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu and Bayichi Mapengo

The youths out to make a quick money killing used the said social media outlet to air out the damning allegations.

Now, in a twist of events, the original Dan Wiz posts disappeared or were deleted with Dan Wiz coming out to ask for forgiveness claiming that his account had been hitherto hacked.


“I am here to clarify the matter that has been circulating. First, my account was hacked and that is how Mapengo and Mukulu were able to use my page to make the sodomy allegations against Pastor Kayanja,” Dan Wiz noted.

He adds that he hadn’t been in the country but on return, everyone was asking him what had gone wrong and why he posted what he had posted.

“I was at first confused but later learnt of the damning allegations put on his page.” He later claims to have recovered the admin rights and insured that he pulled down all the videos despite the pleas from Mapengo and Mukulu.

Wiz also confessed that whatever is being said that he too was sodomised by Pastor Kayanja is false and he is ready to take on Mukulu and Mapengo if they continue dragging him into their muddied waters.


Well, Dan Wiz in the video he posted on his TikTok mentions that he had no control of his account. However, one can ask why he didn’t use his other social media outlets to inform the public about the hacking.

Distancing himself from the smearing campaign when evidence of him plus the two having troubled pasts is coming out from all corners.

With WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Dan Wiz’s control, he didn’t utilize all the mentioned options or use a friend’s account since he says all this happened when he was abroad.

Okay, let us assume he didn’t have internet access. But to a grown-up, a TikoTok apology is akin to a drop of water into the Ocean. A formal apology is a right and just thing to do.


It’s also on record that Dan wizzy was on the payrolls of Pastor Bugingo and Ssenyonga and it’s only when he realised that things were taking a turn for the worse that he backed off and has since come up with the current video to try and distance himself from the whole saga.

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