Dr.David Ssali reveals HIV cure

Man Jose Kayima

Dr David Ssali has revealed the onions are a cure to the deadly HIV.

Ssali a herbalist is renown for his time on Bukedde TV for the weird medical ‘knowledge’ he always passed out.

Somehow Ssali’s popularity diminished along the way but this doesn’t mean that he vanished off the scene.

However recently in one of his health care ideas, Ssali proposed a HIV cure and this is easy and one that you have probably been living with unknowingly.

This is onions. Ssali said that a certain individual in China from Uganda one time called him in need of help.

He told him that he faced deportation since they were about to be screened for HIV.

And since he was negative, he would be deported and therefore wanted Ssali to help him.

The doctor who treats primarily using natural remedies told this fellow to use onions in order to overcome the virus.

All he had was to blend about 5 onions and drink the juice per hour..

When the testing was done, he tested positive and called Ssali with much excitement and appreciation.

If you decide to take this advice and act recklessly, it’s all on you because scientifically there is no cure for HIV so enjoy responsibly.

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