Kyakabale caught breaking into house

Man Jose Kayima

Mrs Kyakabale caught trying to break into Joshua Wafula’s house located in Busambaga, Entebbe.

The incident happened in the afternoon of Wednesday, 12th April in Busambaga.

Kyakabale attacked Kyakabale’s residence along with two young men David Asiimwe and Bayichi Mapengo in a government vehicle with UG 0392.

“I was attacked today in the afternoon by Mrs Kyakabale who came at my place along with Asiimwe and Bayichi. I was not around when they tried to break into my house but the good thing my landlord was around.”

“I have opened up a trespassing case against them at Entebbe Police Station.”

According to Wafula, the suspects claimed that they came to his home looking for Jesus Christ’s photo that gives Pastor Kayanja powers

“I was told that they came to my place looking for Jesus Christ’s photo that they claim gives healing powers to Pastor Kayanja.”

On Asiimwe and Bayichi

“I know Asiimwe and Bayichi are being used by Mrs Kyakabale. I came to know about Bayichi when he was a dancer at Miracle centre in Lubaga before he left and started to work at Pastor Bujjingo’s church.” Personally, I don’t know Mrs Kyakabale, I only see her in Tiktok videos nothing much.” Said Wafula

Wafula’s Landlord, Roland Solomon Kaddu has narrated how Mrs Kyakabale, Asiimwe and Bayichi tried to break into his tenant’s house.

“At around 12 noon, I heard someone opening the gate. I picked interest and only to realize a Lady around 60 and two young boys.” Open entrance, the lady asked me for Jesus Christ’s photo and one of the boys told her that he is not the one.” The other boy pointed to Joshua’s place.” The lady told me that I have a case of keeping a person who has Jesus Christ’s photo.”

She later introduced herself to me and told me that she had come to help me about someone who will sodomize my kids.” Once, she reached that point, I picked interest and I was like have been with Joshua for 8 months and I have no case against him.” They were in a government car with the engine on and they were ready to execute what they had brought and run away. One of the boys tried to break Joshua’s padlock and out of shame the lady called him and they vacated the house.”

Kyakabale, Asiimwe and Bayichi are accused of trespassing at Entebbe Police Station

Wafula has called upon Police to give him protection since he fears the worst could happen to his dear life.

Who exactly is Kyakabale?

Why does she claim to be a high-ranking soldier and why does she go around boasting that she was brought up by President Museveni and that she was once an RDC?

Kyakabale recently came out on social media claiming that her late mother experienced something at the church of pastor Robert Kayanja that caused death also jumped on the bandwagon that was created and funded by pastor Ssenyonga where two young men David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu and Bayichi Mapengo alleged that they had been sodomised.

However, after evidence pinned the two young men for plotting the whole saga, a new scheme had to be devised, and in came kyakabale.

Claiming to be a colonel and a one-time minister in charge of widows and orphans a position that has never existed, kyakabale in her video alleged that over 30 years ago she once picked pastor Kayanja to go and pray for her sick mother who later passed on after seeing something but she only stops at that.

Kyakabale has now become the self-appointed godmother of Bayichi and Mukulu hopping with them from media house to media house trying to bribe people to air the allegations of the two.

What is interesting is that she even promised to take the two young men to meet President Museveni. It must be remembered that pastor Ssenyonga also promised to take them to meet the first lady.

One would question whether the president and first lady are the police or the courts of law and why Kyakabale who claims to be a state house insider would not use the right legal channels.

Sources also reveal that while appearing to distance himself from the whole saga, pastor Ssenyonga through an aide called Kanene facilitated kyakabale with money to try and recruit more young men too falsely accuse pastor Kayanja of sodomy and also take Bayichi and Mukulu to different mainstream and social media outlets to cry wolf.

Kyakabale is said to have once worked at the Bwayise-based Christian life church and has since become a social media mercenary selling her services to any bidder to do their dirty work.

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