Journalist arrested over accusations of defilement

Man Jose Kayima

The Police in Amolatar district have arrested a Ugandan Journalist identified as Alphonse Odur alias Fege-Fege over accusations of defilement.

Odur, is a resident of Amolatar B cell in Amolatar, is alleged to have been found with a 16-year-old student in one of the schools in the district.

North Kyoga Police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema said:

“It’s alleged that on Easter period, Odur sneaked into the school and picked the 16-year-old girl and while still in the school compound, some students [allegedly] found them red-handed, but the suspect escaped.”

According to the Police, after interrogation by the school administration, the student confirmed having had sexual intercourse with Odur several times.

The confession caused her immediate suspension from school.

“The Parents came and reported to the police station in Amolatar and a case of defilement was registered,” Okema said.

“The father of the 16-year-old girl recorded his statement and the police visited the scene,” he added, saying: “The accused, Odur, was arrested and detained at Amolatar Central Police Station where further investigation is ongoing.” Okema added as quoted by New Vision

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