I was able to witness the terrible conditions in jail. Minister Lugoloobi

Man Jose Kayima

The Minister of State for Planning, Ntenjeru County MP Amos Lugoolobi has revealed that he was able to witness the pathetic conditions in both Uganda’s detention cells and the maximum prison in Luzira.

Lugoloobi made the revelation at a thanksgiving ceremony that was held at home in Namulanda, Kayunga.

“I think my arrest was God’s way of showing me something that I had never put attention to as the Minister of Planning. I was able to witness the terrible conditions in jail and it is high time we work towards improving the welfare of the prisoners,” Lugoloobi said as quoted by Nile Post

“I am now so much aware of the terrible conditions in both police cells and the prison and in my line of duty as the Planning Minister, it is high time to champion the cause to improve those conditions,” he added.

Lugoloobi is among the ministers accused of sharing iron sheets meant for Karamoja relief.

He received 300 iron sheets which he used to roof a goat shade at his farm in Ntenjeru before plucking them off due to public pressure and returning them to the government.

He was consequently arrested and remanded to Luzira for three days but later released on bail.

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