Court acquits remaining suspect in Kirumira murder case

Man Jose Kayima

The high court has acquitted Abubakar Kalungi, the only remaining suspect in the 2018 murder of former police officer ASP Muhammad Kirumira and his friend Resty Nalinya Mbabazi.

Abubakar Kalungi, who has been on trial, was set free by High Court Judge Margaret Mutonyi on grounds that investigators did a shoddy job that has since left so many unanswered questions on who and why the 2 victims were murdered.

In December 2022, court acquitted Mwebe while Kateregga was killed by security agents, leaving Kalungi as the lone suspect in the case.

Kalungi denied killing the duo and said that on the day of the murders, he was roofing a house in Ndejje, Kibutika before retiring to his home after work.

Furthermore, the court found that the accused had been tortured to accept the statement. Earlier, Kalungi informed court that he had been tortured and made to sign against his will several documents. A doctor’s statement upon examination of Kalungi also revealed that Kalungi had healing bruises on his forehead and back, which could have been sustained less than a week ago.

Abubakar Kawooya the father to the late Muhamad Kirumira has wowed to continue to demand for justice over the death of his dear son.

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