Use of abusive language costs Full Figure Salt TV job

Man Jose Kayima

Jennifer Full Figure Nakangubi has reportedly been fired from Salt TV for using of inappropriate language on morning show.

Full Figure was appointed at Salt TV to co-host a morning show program dubbed ‘Omusunsuzi’ which runs from 6-8 Am on Mondays to Fridays every week.

She has been co-hosting along with veteran drama actor Charles James Ssenkubuge and Robert Mutebi.

However, the show contained the use of abusive language and allegations against different individuals that are not substantiated and presented in a sensational manner, something that breaches the minimum broadcasting standards of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) guidelines.

This saw several people raise complaints about the show, including Daily Monitor journalist Gabriel Buule for hiring unprofessional presenters like Jennifer Full Figure.

UCC was so quick to react to the matter, and upon reviewing the recordings and content of the ‘Omusunsuzi’ that aired during the period of March and April, the communications regulatory body in accordance with sections 5(1) (b), (x), U), 29(b), 31 and 45 of the Uganda Communications Act, 2013, the Commission commenced investigations into the aforementioned complaints, and Salt TV management was directed to submit the following;

Written representation in response to the above complaints, allegations, and preliminary findings.
The recordings and all programme scripts (detailing the structure, purpose, or objective) of the programme “Omusunsuzi” aired between 6- 8 am from 03rd March 2023 – 18th /April 2023.

The proof of registration with the Media Council and qualifications of the Editors and Producer, of the program “Omusunsuzi”.
Proof of availability of pre-listening device or time delay equipment used in live broadcasts, and these are to be submitted not beyond Friday 28th April 2023.
Jennifer Full Figure was removed from the “Omusunsuzi” program as a result of the development, and she was absent on Wednesday.

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