Video: Prophet Kakande performs life changing miracle to veteran musician

Man Jose Kayima

Prophet Samuel Kakande of Synagogue Church of All Nations performed a life changing miracle to veteran musician Fred Ssebata.

Kakande was seen spraying some sort of smoke into Ssebata who fell down.

He then proceeds to tell him how he had a child that despises him.

The Nalwewuba singer confirmed that it’s true indeed his first born daughter despises him.

After Kakande told the singer that it’s okay and gave him 3 apples to go sit down and eat.

Ssebata ate the apples and the self anointed prophet stated that it’s necessary to help talented people.

This then will make them to appreciate God who gave them talent.

Kakande pulled out 15m shillings in an envelope which he hands to the singer and tells him to go and look after his family. (From Phoenix)


All what awaits is if the apples wipe away Ssebata’s woes.

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