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Video: Spark TV presenters fight live on air

Man Jose Kayima

Spark TV Livewire presenters Immy Candace and Flavia Mawagi fight live on air.

The verbal fight broke out between two as they were doing a live wire story on Wednesday evening.

Both weren’t contented with themselves while on air.

Immy started a story before Mawagi stopped her midway and took it over.

Mawagi started to criticize Immy Candace that she knew nothing about the story.

This didn’t sit well with Immy who kept her cool despite the provocations.

Mawagi arrogantly told Immy Candace that she should know that she (Mawagi) came to Spark TV before her.

Immy decided to compose herself and continue with the program despite the insult from Mawagi.

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