Minister Nandutu granted bail

Man Jose Kayima

The Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs, Agnes Nandutu has been on a cash bail of Shs10M.

The Anti-Corruption Hight Court Lady Justice Jane Okuo Kajuga released Nandutu on Thursday morning on grounds of ill health and presumption of innocence on the charge of dealing with suspect property, which she has since denied.

Lady Justice Kajuga on Thursday afternoon said she was inclined to grant bail to the minister owing to her medical condition.

“No proof has been provided to dispute the author of the medical report is not a medical doctor. I therefore see no reason to reject the medical report,” Justice Kajuga said.

Nandutu has been on remand for close to three weeks after she was charged with dealing with suspect property in connection to the Karamoja iron sheets saga.

The minister dealt with 2000 pre-painted iron sheets of gauge 28 by receiving and holding the said iron sheets which she had reason to believe were acquired as a result of lose of public property , an offence under section 10(1) of the Anti Corruption Act 2009.

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