Tiktoker Madubala wants out of Uganda after Ichuli’s death

Man Jose Kayima

Tiktoker Madubala wants to depart the country after the death of his friend blogger Isma Olaxes.

Olaxes was shot dead on Saturday night by unknown assailant near his residence in Kyanja.

Madubala has called upon well wishers abroad to help him out of the country

“It time for me to leave the country, the death of Isma has taught me alot. I think I should leave and go to another country. I was in Dubai and decided to return but I think it’s more secure than my motherland.”

Anyone who can help me find a job those ends, I am ready to leave Uganda.” I fear everyone here in Uganda.” Said Madubala.

The TikToker has recently met notable figures in Uganda such as Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, Mama Fiina, King Saha and Spice Diana.

His TikTok has helped him get funds to facilitate for the construction of his mother’s house in Masaka.

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