Police officer who shot dead Money lender identified

Man Jose Kayima

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango identified the shooter of money lender Uttam Bandari as Police Constable (PC) Ivan Wabwire.

Wabwire shot dead a money lender identified as Uttam Bandari, a manager at TFS Finanicial Services.

“The client who is also a police officer called PC Ivan Wabwire first came yesterday (Thursday) and met the director of TFS financial services to verify how much he owed the company. According to the available information the police officer has been servicing two loans since 2020,” Mr Onyango said as quoted by Daily Monitor

Onyango added,

“He could just come and pay whenever he got the money for the second load. They calculated and told him he owed the company Shs2,130,000. Yesterday, he said the bank where they are paying his salary from wanted the calculations so that they can offset all the loan and see how they could progress with him. He had returned today (Thursday) for further verification,” Mr Onyango added

PC Wabwire is currently on the run but Onyango has assured the nation that they will do everything possible to arrest Wabwire.

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