Pastors in plot to tarnish Pastor Kayanja exposed

Man Jose Kayima

Four top pastors have been revealed as the main brains and funders in the plot to tarnish the image of pastor Robert Kayanja with fake sodomy allegations.
According to Elusha Mukisa a reformed homosexual the top pastors include Bishop Kiganda, Pastor Bugingo, Pastor Ssempa and Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga with the latter operating in the background through his assistant called Kinene.

Mukisa revealed all this in an interview and when pinned he brought out mobile money.messages through which the pastors or their assistants sent to him money.

He also showed screenshots of messages in which the planning of the whole plot were conducted.
He was cagey to implicate pastor Ssenyonga directly but hinted that kinene and A lady called Angel walu both from Christian life 3 Bwayise would contact him frequently and also send him funds that were needed by bloggers to air out sodomy propaganda against pastor Kayanja

“After three days of looking for them but in vain, they surfaced and told they were at Pastor Bugingo’s Salt TV offices,” Mukisa noted.

It’s at this stage that he started questioning their legitimacy hence asking the hard questions.

“After a grill, they mentioned another party, a one Kyakabale but nothing was adding up and with my experience, I concluded that they were not genuine.”

In several interviews, Mukisa has been stressing that they are fake and had been not sodomised by the pastor but instead, somebody was paying them to blackmail the Miracle Centre Cathedral Pastor.

According to Mukisa, the alleged victims’ ambitions were to get money from Pastor Kayanja.

He however emphasized that he had never checked them medically but as a former homosexual, he could tell they were never sodomised as alleged. “I never checked them but I could tell because I was there before.” He said.

This is because they had never used diapers for the days they spent at my home and when I saw a video of the diapers, I just laughed it off.

Mukisa however insisted that the kids were using drugs instead. “They were okay but smoking weed. That was the problem they had.” He said.

Mukisa also revealed that he has evidence that pins Pastors for being behind these kids to lie about Pastor Kayanja and funding the process.

He added that Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo contacted him directly before sending money of up to UGX 2M to facilitate bloggers and spread the lies.

“He contacted me and sent money to do interviews under instructions of tarnishing the name of Pastor Kayanja. He sent me different amounts but it totals to over 2M and I have the evidence.” He claimed.

Despite having all the evidence, he says he has never met Pastor Bujjingo physically, their conversation was only on the phone.

Away from Bujjingo, the other Pastor is Kanene of Christian Life Church found in Bwaise who sent Mukisa money.

It should be remembered that a video of Mapengo and Mukulu meeting one of Christian Life Church’s senior Pastors at the church’s premises leaked a couple of weeks back.

When asked about the involvement of Pastor Jackson Ssenyoga in the ongoing campaign of tarnishing Pastor Kayanja’s name, Mukisa was cagey.

“I saw the video of them at Christian Life Church but I can’t tell if they went there during the time they were at my place. But it’s a public secret that Kayanja and Ssenyoga have personal issues.”

It was at this moment of the interview that Mukisa said several Pastors threatened him when he came out and said Mapengo and Mukulu are fake.

“Phone calls from Pastors and top government officials were not happy saying that I was letting Pastor Kayanja off the hook. This shocked me a lot.”

Mukisa started doubting them and questioning their motive because he reached out to them about other victims, they would not help but when the victim has Pastor Kayanja in his story, they break the bank.

“This is personal, when I ask for financial support to help other victims, they be lip tight but when you mention Kayanja, they fight to help. Those men of God are in a personal fight.”

Fast forward Mukisa lost contact with Mapengo and David Mukulu but he suspects they are with one Kyakabale who claims to help victims of sodomy.

Mukisa says he overheard people say Kyakabale promised to take these two kids to State House to meet President Museveni.

Mukisa also revealed that his sources told him that the kids are ready to apologize to Pastor Kayanja. “They are ready, they want to apologise to pastor Kayanja.” He said.

The story is an extraction of Mukisa’s interview with a YouTube channel known as Kookie Promotions.

The screenshots

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