Operation Shujaa Commander prefers female bodyguards over male

Man Jose Kayima

Major General Olum, the Commander of Operation Shujaa, has revealed that he prefers female bodyguards over their male counterparts.

Accompanied by a team of six heavily armed female soldiers while attending a security meeting in Fort Portal on Wednesday, Maj. Gen. Olum expressed his unwavering confidence in the safety provided by his female bodyguards.

Olum shared his personal experiences of working alongside them in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past six months.

“My reliance on female soldiers as bodyguards may have faced opposition from certain individuals, but their performance in the challenging wilderness of Congo has been nothing short of extraordinary,” affirmed Maj. Gen.Olum.

He further highlighted their expertise in various areas, including proficient handling of firearms, and remarkable physical fitness.

In regard to the latest developments in Operation Shujaa, Maj. Gen. Olum reported that the Allied Defense Forces (ADF) rebels have been effectively neutralized. He said that the focus has now shifted to pursuing any remaining elements of the rebel group.

“The presence of the UPDF has brought stability to the provinces of Ituri and North-Kivu in the DRC,” Maj. Gen. Olum remarked.

The joint military operation, codenamed “Operation Shujaa,” was initiated in November 2021 following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The operation aimed to combat the heightened attacks carried out by the ADF rebels in both countries.

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