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BadBlack regrets aborting renown MP’s Pregnancy

Man Jose Kayima

Socialite BadBlack real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has revealed that she regrets aborting Member of Parliament’s pregnancy.

According to the self-proclaimed President of the Uganda Prostitutes Association, her life would have been different if she gave birth to the child.

“Singa olubuto lwa Mp salugyamu singa sikyava kunyonyi but that Juma saiko mislead me coz omukulu yamuwa sente 😡. Imagine one night stand … Singa omwana waffe agenda mu 6yrs ndi wano nasula bank 🏦Good night banange I’m tramatazied,”she posted.

BadBlack is a mother of four children and each of her children has a different father. Some of them, their fathers are whites while others they are black. When she was a prostitute, it was easy for her to have access to all those men.

She only got pregnant for those that she saw are capable of paying child support. She said she receives money in dollars for the children of whites but the one of a Ugandan, she has never received anything.

Now that she is married and settled down with her boyfriend Asha, Bad Black is looking into her past and regretting some decisions. One of them is not giving birth to the child of some MP she was sleeping with.

She said it was stupid of her. She believes that at the moment, she would be on an aeroplane all the time going for vacations. According to Bad Black, that child would be making 6 years this year but she was misled by one of her friends to abort.

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