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VIDEO: Watch Pallaso beating up fellow musician Alien Skin

Ivan Kigozi

Pallaso and fellow musician Alien Skin have this evening been involved in a brawl in Makindye.

Sources reveal Pallaso beat up the self proclaimed sitya danger counterpart for allegedly disrespecting.

This happened at Voice And Beats in Makindye where Pallaso was rehearsing for his upcoming Love Fest Concert which is due early next month.

It is alleged that Alien Skin stormed the rehearsal facility before both musicians were involved in a brawl.

Alien Skin

Alien Skin thereafter told Pallaso, “You’ve won the fight” which enraged Pallaso.

In the video, Pallaso is heard replying, “It is not all about winning the fight. Respect me motherfucker” while slapping Alien Skin.


However another video that has surfaced on social media shows Alien Skien jumping off a Police Patrol car to avoid detention.


Questions about why the Mayanja family sons are violent have once again surfaced.

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