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Victor Kamenyo reveals how friends rejected his wife

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Singer Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo has revealed how his friends rejected his wife.

According to Kamenyo, friends rejected his lover Ruth Akoragye Angora because she is a Munyankole.

“One of my friends told me that unlike a dog which is a servant in the home, a cat is like a princess. It is never loyal to its owner. It has no attachment, and will quickly accept and adopt to a new owner at any point,” recounted the ‘Nakayima’ singer.

Kamenyo says other friends told him that his woman would be problematic because “she is from the tribe of rulers” and that “such women never do housework.”

The singer says although he admired and respected his friends because they were intelligent and experienced, the advice they gave him did not add up, because Angora seemed to be the opposite of what they were describing.

“I weighed what these people were saying but it isn’t adding up. My woman was hard working. She woke up every morning to mop the house even though we had a housemaid. I thought that perhaps she was still playing me because it was a new relationship; but one year down the road, she was still consistent,” he said.

“That is when I realized how friends and peer pressure can be dangerous to relationships.”

Kamenyo however, admitted that his journey with Angora, with whom they recently welcomed a baby boy, has not been all fine.

“We split for sometime because she found some messages and I had to apologize to her.” Said Kamenyo

After months of separation, the two are back together.

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