My husband had only 12 children, Aponye’s wife tells man claiming to be his son

Man Jose Kayima

Evangelista Nyegamehe, the widow of the deceased business magnate Apollo Nyegamehe revealed on Tuesday that her late husband left his family united and only had 12 children.

Mr Nyegamehe popularly known alias Aponye perished in a road crash on July 6th.

“Although my husband has left a united family, there is one person identified as Kayumbu who has been claiming to be a son of my deceased husband from a different woman. My husband stated clearly much earlier before his death that he has not fathered any other child apart from the children he has with co-wife Monica and I. This person appeared at our Kampala sendoff ceremony and tried to lay a wreath together with the known children of the Nyegamehe family and he disappeared shortly. If he is here today let him come here in front and I will talk about him more,” Ms Nyegamehe said as quoted by Daily Monitor.

He added at the requiem mass for her late husband at St Luke Catholic Parish church in Muhanga town council, Rukiga District that her united family is composed of 12 children, five of whom are from her co-wife Monica Nyegamehe who passed on recently.

“As described by many, my husband was a wiseman, trustworthy, humble, a good listener and compassionate, among other positive personal values. When I insisted about the person claiming to be his son, he said that with all the wealth he has, he could not disown his blood. He also told me that if I was sympathetic to the family claimant, I should take him and give him my own property, not his,” Ms Nyegamehe added as by Daily Monitor.

Nyegamehe has been laid to rest today at his ancestral home located in Kitaburaza cell, Muhanga town council in Rukiga District.

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