Mother kills and boils pieces of her 4-month baby

Man Jose Kayima

Police in Yumbe district in northern Uganda have sent on remand a mother over the aggravated murder of her 4-month-old son who she hacked into pieces and thereafter boiled pieces to eat them.

The 24-year-old mother identified as Nadia Manjubo is a resident of Chamanikua village, Yayari parish, Lovi sub-county in Yumbe district, is said to have killed her son, Angelo Buga on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, at around 4 pm and cut the pieces of his body into a saucepan claiming she felt like eating meat.

The development was confirmed by Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga

“She afterwards, stuffed the body pieces in a saucepan and boiled them claiming she felt like eating meat,” SCP Enanga, the police spokesperson told journalists yesterday (Monday).

The suspect (Manjubo) appeared before Yumbe court and was remanded to Yumbe prison last Friday on 21 July 2023 for murder.

Mr Enanga added,

“It is painful that the 4-month-old son died at the hands of a mother, who was supposed to keep him SAFE,” remarked Enanga.

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