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Esther and Ezekiel distance themselves from their mother’s LGBTQ traits

Bonita Nakalule

Who said we are gay? WE ARE NOT GAY!!!!! (Simon Kaggwa Njala likes this)

Ugandan sibling singing duo of Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira who rose to fame in 2017 after winning the inaugural talent show East Africa’s got talent have squashed allegations that they are gay.

It is no secrete that their mother formerly Julie Muteesasira and now Julie Birungi came out as being lesbian and even married a fellow woman when she moved to Canada.

It’s because of the mother’s sexuality that a good number of social media worriers labeled them gay probably through simulation.

The duo took to their TikTok page to clear the air on their sexuality and vehemently denied being gay and that their family is not gay apart from only their mother.


‘We have come to tell you that we are not gay, we as the children non of us is gay we are straight. If our mum chose that route, it doesn’t mean also is the children chose that, we are not judging anybody but please we are not’

‘I didn’t chose that route, Ezekiel didn’t chose that route and Elizabeth didn’t chose that route so people should stop jumping to conclusions’ said Esther the oldest of the three children in the video.

‘We are Christians and we love God, we aren’t judging anybody but people have their choices and we respect mum’s choice, we love her and we can’t judge her.’

‘We love you our fans but you should stop attacking us please, don’t judge when you do not know the story bambi, we love you so much’ concluded the Muteesasiras.

The duo also took part in the second edition of Canada’s Got Talent last year in which they impressed and even got a standing ovation from the judges and audience with a powerful rendition of ‘No Air’ by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown.

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