Asan Kasingye reveals is a victim of sexual abuse

Man Jose Kayima

Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye has revealed that is a victim of sexual abuse.

Kasingye stated via his Twitter Space on Saturday that he was sexually abused at a young age

Kasingye is now 59 years old. Before his retirement in September 2022 , he had served as the Uganda Police Spokesperson, Chief Political Commissar and Director Interpol, among other roles in the 34 years he spent in the Police force.
The former police boss was one of the speakers in the Twitter conversation titled: “Men’s role in ending violence against children.”

With over 200 people tuned in to the Space, Kasingye revealed that at a tender age, he was abused by a person of responsibility.

Although he declined to share further details of this sad incident, Kasingye said it happened “around the time I was in P.6 or P7.”

The retired police boss in the conversation, described what he termed as “broken home syndrome” that is deeply rooted in the Ugandan society.

“We know that parents out there are violating their own children,” he said.

“From my own experience from the Police, we have had women who come to report that their children are being violated by their fathers.

“As parents and as men, we have a duty. What we need to do is to use our power to talk about it and educate ourselves more.”

During the Twitter Space, multiple users came out to share their own abuse experiences.

One man said he is currently working with a senior member of parliament who has been abusing him.

Another man said he had been abused by his Church Catechist from when he was aged 17 to 21 years.

Several others revealed how they had been taken advantage of by their aunties, and family friends.

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