Single mother of three wins Shs300M from Sports Betting

Man Jose Kayima

Irene Namataka, a single mother of 3 has shocked her circle after winning over 300 million from fixed games.

Irene narrates that for long, she has suffered with ways of sustaining her family, doing anything possible to see that the children go to school and feed. Adding that she had to resort to sports betting to make ends meet since it looked like the easiest path to wealth.

“I have been toiling to see that I give my kids a better life but all has not been well at all because people want to use me before giving me money or a job,” she said.

However, all this would come to an end after her friend introduced her to Uganda Bettors Association for betting tips and fixed games.

“A friend of mine who recently returned from Malaysia introduced me to Uganda Bettors Association where he subscribed for fixed games and flew to Malaysia to stake on the games for better returns. He told me this is the easiest path to wealth,” she said.

“So I went to their website, and read through the available packages, I didn’t want to subscribe to any package apart from fixed games as narrated by him, so I had to wait for some money then I subscribed. After making a subscription, I received an email with the details on how to go with everything.”

“Since I learned how to bet, it wasn’t a challenge to me. Unfortunately, a stake limit was placed by Betpawa, I couldn’t stake more than 16k, but since it was my first time, I used it as a test. I staked the 16k and the ticket won. The next thing I did on the next ticket, I sent my stake to someone who is abroad, they staked for me without a stake limit and that’s how I was able to win over 300 million,” she narrated.

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