Nandala and his fellow money musketeers must be stopped, Nyanjura bitterly reacts

Man Jose Kayima

Kampala Capital City Authority Deputy Mayor Doreen Nyanjura has bitterly reacted the sacking of Hon.Ibrahim Ssemujju as FDC whip in Parliament.

On Tuesday, FDC Party General Secretary Nandala Mafabi confirmed in a statement that Ssemujju has been replaced by Mawokota South MP Yusuf Nsibambi.

“By this singular action of unilaterally replacing Hon. Semujju Nganda, Hon. Nandala usurped the powers of the FDC Party NEC and also demonstrated that not only did he partake of the dirty money from the despot, he also learnt a good deal of bad manners. It is common knowledge that the despot punishes those that question his stranglehold on power by sacking them from cabinet, downgrading or withdrawing their security detail, etc.”

“If Hon. Nandala and his fellow dirty money musketeers believed that the elders’ committee was to bring about reconciliation, is this an act in the pursuit of reconciliation?

“This panic action also brings into question Hon. Nandala’s democratic credentials. If you cannot persuade those that question your actions and character in a party, why should you remain at the helm? Clearly, Nandala is someone who subtracts and does not grow the party.”

“Nandala is a very vindictive, intolerant dictator and habitual liar. HE MUST BE STOPPED! Stated Nyanjura

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