Ugandan female MP wins close to a billion from sports betting

Man Jose Kayima

Ugandan female Member of Parliament has won over 500 million from sports betting after taking a risk to confirm if one can win a lot of money from sports betting.

The MP whose name has been withheld stated that she has been reading stories of people winning money from fixed games.

“I read a story of a student who won over 300 million from my constituency, I looked for him physically, I met him at my office, I asked if what I was reading was true, and he told me yes. I asked him how he got into it and how I could confirm, and he told me to search for Uganda Bettors Association, I went to the site, contacted them, and made my payment for fixed games two days later, I received the game with instructions, put a lot of money and after 90 minutes, the called me to confirm of my winnings,” she narrated.

She joins a single mother of three Irene Namataka who won Shs300m and Ambrose Katusabe a university student also scooped Shs200m. Information courtesy of Capitaltimes

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