Video: Rev.Father narrates how renown MP pocketed Shs5M meant for church school

Man Jose Kayima

Hon Richard Sebamala, the Member of Parliament Bukoto Central Masaka District in the 11th Parliament is accused of making not paying money that was collected by the Church amounting to Five (5) Million shillings, meant to buy iron sheets for a Catholic School in Masaka.

It is alleged that in Feb 2023, Hon Sebamala collected the five million from a yet to be identified Rev. Father in a catholic school in Masaka, promising to go and buy iron sheets from a factory for the school.

“Yes he promised to give us a hand on the construction of the girl’s dormitory, upon calling him on phone, he requested me to send him all the funds we had collected through a fundraising drive, telling me how he would top up and buy all the iron sheets” – Rev. Father.


Sebamala ( Born in 1979), is a Ugandan civil engineer, businessman and politician who serves as a Member of Parliament representing Bukoto Central constituency in the 11th Ugandan Parliament (2021 to 2026). He was elected on 14th January 2021 during the 2021 Uganda general elections.

He is a member of the Democratic Party of Uganda. In the Parliament of Uganda he serves as a member on the Committee of Infrastructure which supervises both the Ministry of Land & Housing and also Ministry of Works and Transport as well as he is a member of the Public Account Committee for COSASE.

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