Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga henchman denied bail again

Man Jose Kayima

Mwanga II Court again denied Christian Life Church lead Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s head of security Israel Wasswa bail today afternoon.

Wasswa together with Jamil Mwanda we’re in the dock hoping to be released on bail but they were remanded until the 24th of August 2023.

Their lawyers failed to convince Judge Adams Byarugaba who ruled in favour of the State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya who put up a solid fight.

“Wasswa is a convict and has just completed his sentence of aggravated robbery. Does it serve the public interest that a person with a staggering crime record should be granted bail?” Muwaganya pondered.

It should be remembered that Wasswa has been serving two years courtesy of aggravated robbery after the High Court found him guilty together with three of his former workmates.

The victim, Sam Mukula, a former member of Christian Life Church had to undergo operation twice at Mulago Hospital due to injuries inflicted on him by security personnel attached to the church which belongs to Pastor Jackson Senyonga led by Wasswa.

He also challenged the good citizenship conduct and documents of Wasswa’s two sureties; Simon Ssemujju And Godfrey Kalyango.

Ssemujju had no work identification card despite claiming that he is a senior salesperson as he only pulled out a receipt book. Kalyango, his work identification card expired in 2020.

Also, Judge Adams Byarugaba issued an arrest warrant for Henry Lyazi who is still on the run.

The background of the case

According to the charge sheet, on 17th September 2021, the above-mentioned committed the first offence of trespass.

They entered onto or upon Rubaga Miracle Centre, property in possession of Pastor Kayanja, with the intent to insult to annoy the said Pastor Robert Kayanja.

The conspired felony contrary to Section 302 of the Panel Code Act is what has seen them spend weeks in Prison and now, they have a burden of proving their innocence.

The second offence on the charge sheet was giving false information to the Police on 27th of September 2021.

They fed D/IP Cotilda Nanduttu with misleading information that Pastor Kayanja performed unnatural offences with them.

“Intending thereby to cause or knowing it to be likely that they would cause the said D/IP Nanduttu to devote her time and services to the investigations of such information” read part of the charge sheet.

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