“Uganda will develop with or without loans” Museveni to World Bank

Man Jose Kayima

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reacted to World Bank’s suspension of offering new loans to Uganda.

The World Bank stated that it’s pausing approval for new public finance projects in Uganda over the country’s adoption earlier this year of a widely criticized bill criminalizing LGBTQI+ conduct.

Museveni revealed that Uganda will develop with or without loans

“Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.
Greetings. Things are moving well in Uganda in spite of the corruption of some Public Servants and some elements of the political class.

Last night, an official from the World Bank rang me to alert me about the statement from that Bank regarding the suspension of any new requests from Uganda for loans.
I want to inform everybody, starting with Ugandans, that Uganda will develop with or without loans.” Said Museveni on his social media channels

He added,

“It is, therefore, unfortunate that the World Bank and other actors dare to want to coerce us into abandoning our faith, culture, principles and sovereignty, using money. They really under-estimate all Africans.

“We do not need pressure from anybody to know how to solve problems in our society. They are our problems.”

“We are continuing to talk with the World Bank so that both they and we avoid this diversion if possible.”

At the end of July, several members of the US Congress called on World Bank President Ajay Banga to “immediately postpone and suspend all current and future lending to Uganda” until the law was struck down.

Following the passage of the bill, the US State Department updated its travel advisory, telling citizens to “reconsider travel to Uganda due to crime, terrorism, and anti-LGBTQI+ legislation.

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