Ugandan dies in Russia-Ukraine war

Man Jose Kayima

Habib Bosco Magara became the first identified Ugandan to have been killed in the Ukraine since Russia invaded the country.

The deceased’s family learnt about his death on August 13th from his friend Drei Cupchinno who informed them that Magara had perished in a bomb blast earlier this month.

Magara was a computer scientist who lived in the North East of Ukraine since 2006 and survived by a 17 year old Ashraf Magara who currently stays with the mother in Kawanda.

However, the deceased’s brother Hamzah Magara says circumstances surrounding Magara’s death are not yet clear.

Magara is also a brother to Uganda’s deputy ambassador to Democratic Republic of Congo Twaha Matata Magara

The exact cause of Magara’s death remain a mystery but as by the family his body showed signs of a peeling skin characteristics of burns

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